Saturday, October 25, 2014


This blog site will 'host' my PBL/IBL project for my graduate class, however it can also serve to live beyond that purpose for other awesome PBL/IBL projects I design. I've been creating these types of lessons for years. I love creating projects that pull students in. Since I've always worked with students who are 'reluctuant or bored learners', I have always been challenged myself to create dynamic and engaging lessons. You must understand that my educational backgroud and history was not dissimilar to their educational profiles, so "I Get Them" and where they are coming from. This one personal connection, drives me to create.....

Literature Box-My own creation. Connecting students to their learning in ways that they choose. They create and design their box. They write and create examples of Metaphors, Similes, 10 word poems..etc..connected to topics we study and their novels. 

Students studied Colony Collapse Disorder-they read and created notes. They watched a video documentary. They wrote paragraphs. Then they created their own very different artistic images representing this topic. 

Each one very different from the others. 

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